Voice Training

Singers, radio broadcasters, CEOs, actors, sales people, auctioneers, preachers and teachers all need a voice that is powerful, energised, interesting, understandable, genuine, expressive and has great stamina. Maximising the potential of your voice is the key to being an effective and powerful communicator in whatever field you work in. If your voice doesn’t express who you are – in pitch, volume or quality – then your voice isn’t working for you, it’s working against you.

One to One Training

Cate offers one-one training sessions to identify the features of your voice that are holding you back, individual vocal exercises, guidance and practice schedules to put you on the path to vocal mastery and improved communicative effectiveness. Cate’s training approach utilises the latest information and innovations in voice technique, psychology, effective practice schedules and performance/presentation skills. Sessions can be conducted in Cate’s rooms in Ultimo, Westmead or Norwest or via Skype.

To book an appointment for a voice assessment, contact us on 0457006136.

Voice Workshops

Cate also runs individually designed workshops for professional and social groups, including corporate leaders, sales teams, teachers, communications specialists, performing groups, auctioneer houses, call centres, medical professionals, and community choirs.

To arrange a workshop specifically tailored to your professional needs, please contact us.