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Vocal fry is a cultural phenomenon that’s becoming increasingly popular in young women. The speech pattern occurs when the voice enters a register lower than it’s really capable of, resulting in a creaking or growling sound. The linguistic trend has been labelled ‘a debilitating speaking disorder’ and accused of disempowering women, particularly in the workplace.

Commonly known as the “teste pops” the “breaking” of the male voice is not the violent event that the name suggests.”

“There is an element of a radio voice that is incredibly distinctive but it’s incredibly difficult to isolate and measure.”

”Since he’s become Prime Minister his speech rate has dropped considerably,” Dr Madill said. ”He repeats himself far more often, he never used to repeat what he said, but now he will repeat phrases two or three times in close proximity and he’s far more fluent, he doesn’t have what we call disfluencies and fillers, that is the um, ahs and long pauses. In that sense his speech is far less interrupted, but he’s also slower, much more monotone than he was, with much less pitch variation than he used before.”

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