Our team

Our team of speech pathologists specialise in working with people who have a range of communication and swallowing problems. We have expertise in the assessment and treatment of voice problems, including vocal nodules and vocal strain, but we also work in the creative arts, mentoring and training singers, speakers and artists across various genres and performance styles. Our current team includes:

  • Dr Cate Madill – Voice (adults and children)
  • Alisa Hawkins  Voice (children and adults), Swallowing (adults) and Speech (children and adults)
  • Dr Patricia McCabe  Apraxia of Speech and Articulation (adults and children)
  • Madeleine Swan – Voice, Speech, Language, Swallowing and Stuttering (adults and children)
  • Rosie Stern – Voice (adults and children), Communication for individuals with disabilities (Adults and children) and Swallowing (adults)
  • Hsiu-Wen Chang – Voice, Swallowing, Language and Speech